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Elastoforce produce Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) and gaskets since 2004. Company consist of experts experienced in the plate heat exchanger market for over 40 years.

UAB Elastoforce is a subsidiary of Elastoforce Sweden AB.
Elastoforce manufactures after-market replacement plate heat exchanger (PHE) gaskets. Our rapidly growing program covers all major PHE brands and models, such as Alfa Laval, APVSPX, Tranter, Kelvion – GEA Ecoflex, Hisaka, Arsopi and various others. All our gaskets are produced in Lithuania from raw elastomer materials of the highest quality. We strongly believe that we can be your partner of choice to assist you in our ISO9001/14001 accredited production facility in your professional plate heat exchanger needs. Both for new units as well as for PHE after-sales needs.

Elastoforce supplies standard rubber Food compliant and Industrial quality gasket materials in various grades;
• NBR;
• FKM;
• Neoprene.
Please contact us for further details or when you are in need of a specific model. Hope we will have contact with you soon, so we can further introduce our company and explain the benefits we can offer you. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why UAB Elastoforce?
Elastoforce is completely independent from any OEM PHE manufacturer and we are convinced that we hereby do make a crucial difference in the PHE after-sales market by offering robust high-end quality PHE gaskets at ‘value-for-money’ prices. Such whilst using materials which are in full compliance with numerous industry-applicable regulations. Besides our excellent PHE gasket program, Elastoforce also offer our extensive know-how for physical PHE after-sales service itself for you to benefit from. We regard this free-of-charge knowledge as added value to our products with which we can further assist our partners and customers in conducting their heat exchanger service activities and needs.

We supply Industrial – as well as both EU- & FDA – compliant Food Grade elastomer materials. Due to our own laboratory and rubber-mixing capabilities we can on request offer customized materials for specific applications.

UAB Elastoforce serves as your partner of choice to fulfill your justified demands like:
• Value for money pricing;
• Swift quote response time;
• Short delivery times;
• Excellent product performance;
• Technical support;
• Advise at claim handling issues;
• Traceability (ISO 9001);
• Environmental affects and your company’s role therein.

UAB Elastoforce is your ‘one-stop’ PHE partner of choice! Try us and experience what other already know!